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A Bold And Delicious Dining Experience

At Sapphire Indian and Thai Restaurant located in Laurel Maryland, our goal is to provide a dining experience that’s enjoyable, from the first bite to the last. Whether it’s your first time at our establishment or you’re a frequent visitor, we promise to deliver a meal that’s delicious and satisfying, cooked fresh and prepared specially for you. We want to be the restaurant you choose for a complete dining experience, whether for an intimate evening, a family dinner or solo dining. At Sapphire Restaurant, you’ll experience:

• Bold, flavorful dishes modeled on traditional Indian and Thai cuisine favorites
• Exceptional service with a smile and an attentive staff that’s focused on satisfaction
• Generous portions that will leave you comfortably full and truly contented
• A vast menu that appeals to any taste or preference

We invite you to dine with us today and experience all the Sapphire Restaurant has to offer. From our enjoyable atmosphere to our delectable menu options, we guarantee you’ll be back again soon.

Unforgettable experience

All you have to do is try our food once to know why it’s an experience that you will never forget.

4 different menu choices

With our extensive menu options, you will never have a reason to look elsewhere.
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Our Menu

Take a look at the amazing variety of food we offer. Don’t forget that we now offer online ordering

When you consider Indian or Thai food, what comes to mind? Spicy, greasy, fatty, seriously unhealthy foods that’s not good for you? Like many of us, chances are that you’re more likely to consider something on those lines. you may probably also assume delicious, exciting, and exotic flavor comes as an acquired taste., Regardless of what your initial impression is when somebody mentions Indian food, one factor that’s unlikely to cross your mind is that authentic spices used in Indian and Thai food plays a vital role in your overall health. this is often something that tends to get overlooked by most people when they are first introduced to Indian or Thai food. thus, our reason to enlighten you with a handful of the unbelievable advantages of Indian and Thai food.

Indian and Thai food is made fresh using healthy fruits, vegetables and spices containing far less preservatives than many other foods.

Spices used in Indian and Thai food not only bring immense flavor to the food but also provide many medicinal healing properties. For example, Turmeric is an excellent source to help with inflammation.

Indian and Thai food have all off the components needed to support a healthy diet. It is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fiber to name a few.

North Indian
South Indian
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An Enjoyable Dining Environment

There’s more to a dining experience than just the food. At Sapphire Indian and Thai Restaurant, we go out of our way to ensure your time with us is unquestionably enjoyable. From prompt, courteous service, to our attentive wait staff, to the lively environment we work hard to cultivate, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself from the moment you walk through our doors. Whether it’s just you and another person or you’re bringing a whole group of diners, we’re ready to accommodate you. We welcome friends and family, coworkers and strangers, regardless of age or affiliation. We’re simply intent on providing you with the best dining experience you’ve ever had.

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Our Commitment to Quality


At Sapphire Indian and Thai Restaurant, everything we do is rooted in quality. We use only the finest, freshest ingredients, cook all meals to order, and plate them to beautiful perfection. By the time your meal arrives at your table, you can rest assured it’s ready to be enjoyed completely! Our commitment to quality goes beyond just our food. We promise you’ll always be treated with dignity and respect, and that your satisfaction is always met to the fullest. Our goal is that you leave with the intent to come back, and that every time you dine with us, it’s just as good as the last. We want to be the place where you bring friends and family, and where you know you’ll always get a great meal. Visit us today, and feel like the guest of honor you are.

Serving you since 1993

There’s nothing that connects people better than a good meal. At Sapphire Indian and Thai Restaurant, this is a belief we’ve held since we opened our doors in 1993. In fact, we started our restaurant in order to bring people together! Today, our dream of becoming a community destination for fresh food and an enjoyable experience has been realized for more than 20 years.

Our restaurant blends fresh ingredients with traditional Indian and Thai cooking styles, while also offering diners a customer-centric experience and supreme satisfaction. We’re more than just another place to grab a meal—we’re proud to be a local destination for amazing eats and an awesome dining experience!

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catering Services

We offer both on and off-site catering services for all types of events.

Catering Social Events

Don’t worry about choosing between everyone’s favorites—we’ll put together a spread that has something for everyone! Our combination of classic dishes, tempting options, and staple sides will fill the plates of everyone at your event. More

Corporate parties | Meetings | Events

Give your employees a full array of classics or pick and choose from a full menu of mouth-watering options, sure to satisfy your workforce. From buffet-style spreads to entrée-style plates, we’ll make sure your employees are well-fed and contented. More

Anniversaries | Baby Showers | Weddings

Full of favorites from our expansive restaurant menu, you’ll find everything from exquisite main courses to quick and easy finger foods. Or, pick a menu based on your group and we’ll compile it for a complete catering experience for you and your guests. More

About Us

At Sapphire Restaurant, our goal is to provide a dining experience that’s enjoyable, from the first bite to the last. Whether it’s your first time at our establishment or you’re a frequent visitor, we promise ...

Our Lounge

Whether it’s going out after work, spending time with friends on the weekend or celebrating a special event, make us your destination! We invite you to visit us the next time you’re looking ...

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